WDFW seeking Washington State Outdoor Recreation Youth Council

Seeking engaged youth, age 14 to 18, to explore formation of Youth Council with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife


The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is exploring the formation of a Washington State Outdoor Recreation Youth Council.  We are looking for interested young people, ages 14 to 18, to help us with that exploration.  A Youth Council could potentially help WDFW develop programs that apply outdoor activities, research and conservation to school and community projects.


To begin this process, we will select six youth from across the state to participate in a workshop with WDFW staff and members of the state Fish and Wildlife Commission, where they will provide advice to the department on the composition of a Youth Council and discuss the best ways to engage young people and to stimulate their interest in outdoor recreation. 


WDFW will cover the costs of travel, meals and hotel for the young people selected to participate in this initial workshop and their parents.  The workshop is expected to take place in Olympia, WA in late August or September.


Interested 14 to 18 years olds can apply by submitting an email or letter by July 26, describing their background and interest in participating to Jason Wettstein at jason.wettstein@dfw.wa.gov or by letter to Jason Wettstein, Public Affairs, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, P.O. Box 43200, Olympia, WA 98504.

The email or letter should contain:

  • Name
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Statement of interest (one page or less)
  • Dates when available in late August and in September
  • Name and contact information of parent(s) or guardian

Thank you,

Jason Wettstein

Community Relations and Public Affairs

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

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