Lucky Fisherman Award 2022

What is the Lucky Fisherman Award?  The Lucky Fisherman Award is a $300 cash prize that will be awarded to a club member in good standing at the Annual Christmas Party.  The winner will be randomly selected from a pool of all entries submitted by club members and their qualifying entries.

How do I enter or qualify?  Each club member will have the opportunity to catch 5 different species of fish (King, Silver, Halibut, Trout or Steelhead).  A club member will be awarded 1 entry per species.  The maximum number of entries any club member will submit is 5, assuming that the member catches each of the 5 species of fish.  During the Annual Christmas Party, all entries will be placed into a random drawing and the winner will be selected from the pool of entries.  To qualify, you must be a member in good standing, each species of fish must be legally caught per the WDFW Rules and Regulations and you must submit proof of your catch by filling out the submission form below.  All submission forms must be submitted in person, or postmarked by November 25th to the Club President or Vice President.

Gig Harbor PSA Lucky Fisherman Award Submission Form (1 form submission per fish):

Member Name:  _______________________  Membership Number:  __________

Check the Species of Fish Caught:

___ King

___ Silver

___ Halibut

___ Trout

___ Steelhead

Where was the fish caught?  ________________________________________

Date of Catch:  _____________________________________

Weight of Fish:  ____________________________________

Signature:  ____________________________________________________

Please submit a picture of your fish with your submission form

You can submit this form in person at one of the club meetings or mail to Gig Harbor PSA – PO Box 91, Gig Harbor, WA  98335.