President’s Message May 2015

We held our annual spaghetti and clam feed (minus the clams due to red tide) at our May 12th meeting. Andy Gakin, our VP, headed up the cooking crew and did a fantastic job. Thanks to everyone who helped out. Our regular meeting began at 7:00 PM. During the general meeting we gave away $260 for the membership drawing, which is sponsored by John Hagar at Southworth Marine. Duane Englin, our originally scheduled speaker, was not able to speak at our May meeting but we have rescheduled him for our upcoming September 8th meeting. Our speaker for the night was Charley Emerson, a long time club member and former Commodore of the Tacoma Outboard Association. Charley was also a former professional fisherman. He shared his techniques for crabbing in the south sound, just in time for the June crab opener in area 13. Thanks Charley.   Fishing reports are starting to pickup. Sounded like club members were getting their share of shrimp and halibut. It also sounded like springer fishing on the Cowlitz and Columbia has been really good.

On May 16th we held our annual Kokanee outing on American Lake. There weren’t very many participants this year… not sure if the weather scared people off. There weren’t very many Kokanee caught but there were plenty of trout and it was fun none-the-less. I’d like to encourage our club members to get involved in the club outings. We always have a good time.

For your future planning, we have some really good speakers coming up during the next 3 months. At our June meeting we will have Mark Gavin from Pro-Troll. He will be talking about fishing Columbia River Upper River Bright’s. In July we will have Terry Wiest speaking on Pinks Salmon and in August, we will have Captain John Keizer of Salt Patrol talking about derby fishing tactics. Also at our June meeting will be the first of our club-only garage sales. Doors will open up at 5:30 PM.

We have a great chapter who loves to fish and learn about fishing. If you want to become a better fisherman, come check us out! Guests are always welcome. Checkout our website or Facebook page for the latest updates regarding our meetings and our club activities. We meet the second Tuesday of every month (except in August) at the Tacoma Outboard Association (646 N Wilton Road, Tacoma, WA).   Wear your lifejacket, be safe on the water, and good luck fishing…

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