President’s Message January 2023


Our next scheduled meeting will be on Wednesday, 11 January 2023 at Tower Lanes located at 6323 6th Ave., Tacoma, telephone 253-564-8853. The meeting will start at 7:00 PM but feel free to come early and swap fish stories or grab something to eat from the grill.

With the early closure of the winter Chinook fishery in MA 11 and no General Meeting in December this report is all about our Christmas party held 2 December at the Masonic hall in SW Tacoma.  I feel it safe to write that everyone had a great time to include kids and Jerry H. posing with Santa.  My thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Zuniga for their work in obtaining a large selection of gifts for kids and ladies plus set up and also for the kitchen crew consisting of Steve Ng, Dave Bergeron, Mark Abetz and Jacob Abetz.  Not to be forgotten is the great job done by Santa and young Daniel who helped me with reading winning ticket numbers and all of the folks who cooked turkey and ham and/or brought a side dish to share!

Each year we recognize Chapter members who volunteer for Chapter activities with a drawing and award of a nice prize during the Christmas party.  Each activity’s participants are included so the more a member participates the greater the opportunity to win the prize.  This year’s winner was Pete Pitman.  My thanks to all of the members who contribute their time and energy to make our activities successful.    

Our Lucky Fish competition was open to Chapter members who could submit one application for each of the following five species:  Chinook, Coho, steelhead, trout and halibut.  The 2022 winner of the Lucky Fish award was Scott Douglas.

Finally, my thanks for a great 2022!!!

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