Gig Harbor PSA Outing Information

Gig Harbor PSA Outing Information

Location: Marine Area 2, Westport

Date:  22 June 2012

Time: Starts at Daylight, meet at Westport boat ramp.

Fishing  Information:
This time of the year most fishing is taking place 2-3 miles north the Grays Harbor Jetty.

Finding fish: Look for salmon to concentrate where the bait is located, and the best fishing will be where you find schools of herring. These salmon will be actively feeding in these areas

Tackle: Herring whole or cutplug off downrigger or diver. Fish Flash works well with 6 ft of 25 leader to 4/0-5/0 hooks.

Weather: If the weather is deemed to be not fishable notice will go by GHPSA e-mail Friday afternoon. It’s up to every Captain to know the limitations of ocean fishing for his vessel and crew.

Watch weather reports and bar forecast at

Boat Ramp: Located in Westport, by Coast Guard Station

Bar crossing: When heading out to fish the ocean from Westport, you will be crossing the Grays Harbor Bar. Tidal exchange is the key to crossing this bar. The best time to cross is on high slack or an hour or two each side of it.

Limit: 2 kings clipped fin only!



June Outing Tides

Westport, Point Chehalis, Grays Harbor, Washington
46.9083° N, 124.1100° W03:47 AM PDT Twilight begins
04:44 AM PDT Moonset
05:22 AM PDT Sunrise
06:27 AM PDT -2.44 feet Low Tide
01:17 PM PDT 7.61 feet High Tide
06:26 PM PDT 1.59 feet Low Tide
08:30 PM PDT Moonrise
09:14 PM PDT Sunset
10:49 PM PDT Twilight ends
12:37 AM PDT 9.96 feet High Tide
03:48 AM PDT Twilight begins
04:33 AM PDT Full Moon
05:22 AM PDT Sunrise
05:50 AM PDT Moonset
07:17 AM PDT -2.86 feet Low Tide
02:09 PM PDT 7.97 feet High Tide
07:19 PM PDT 1.35 feet Low Tide
09:15 PM PDT Sunset
09:25 PM PDT Moonrise
10:49 PM PDT Twilight ends

 Radio: VHF Channel 68

John Keizer

Activities Chairmen

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